Goodbye, Oreo My Cat

On Monday, June 30, 2014, Oreo moved to her new home.

A kindhearted man who lives in our building took her in. He loves tuxedo cats, didn't have any other cats or young children, and was excited to welcome her into his home.

Oreo came to live with Martin and me on August 1, 2004 when she was 17 months old. We were moving from Eau Claire, WI to St. Peter, MN. She was scared and traveled in the car for over 6 hours that day since she was coming from southern Wisconsin. By the time we arrived in St. Peter, she was hoarse from meowing. 

Over the past decade, Oreo has made me smile at her crazy, silly, adorable ways - every day.

The bed is the best place for mid-morning naps, especially if there is something to else to lay on.

Oh yes. She is the most adorable cat. 

Oreo inspects our new caricature art. I'm not sure if she approves...

She always knows when it was time for dinner. Her eyes are so expressive!

Like many cats, she loved boxes of any kind, but especially those that were too small for her.

Oreo didn't love strangers; in fact, most of our friends just know Oreo from her hissing and growling at them. I love this rare photo of Oreo sitting with someone other than Martin and I. My cousin has a way with cats!

She only sat like this on this couch. When we got new furniture, she stopped doing this.

Plastic bags are so much fun! 

Even a transit map can be used for a comfy blanket.

I know she will be happier in her new home than she would have been on the road with Martin and me. I know that Martin and I need to go on this world traveling adventure for not only our happiness but our sanity. 

My heart, on the other hand, does not understand. Not yet.

For more pictures of Oreo, see Martin's blog: