Spring Detox - Week 2 Recap

Banana Oat Pancakes
Week 2 of my Spring Detox has officially ended! During this week, I was able to eat legumes and gluten-free grains in addition to vegetables, fruit, lentils, nuts, oils, herbs, and spices. I've never been so happy to eat beans and brown rice before in my life.

During this week, I still refrained from caffeine, alcohol, processed sugars, gluten, dairy, eggs, and soy.

When the weather looks like this in APRIL...

I usually turn to chocolate and wine to cope. Instead, I had to find other ways to deal with the 10 INCHES (!#$*^@!!!!!) of snow we got on Thursday. Exercise has been my coping mechanism lately. However, I really wish I had a punching bag in my gym this week...

Lentil Stew
This week, I still had a lot of energy. I found myself wanting caffeine more for comfort than for a wake up call. Despite my energy, the weather zapped any motivation I might have. I'm still waiting for spring to arrive in Minnesota.

Along with loosing my motivation, I also lost some creativity that I usually have in the kitchen. If you look at my meals this week, some of them are quite pathetic. I stuck to my detox plan, but brown rice with olive oil and salt became a go-to dish too many times.

Black Bean Patty with Sweet Potato Chips
This detox plan has helped me remember what it was like when I first became a vegetarian 17 years ago. It's easy to focus on what I'm not eating instead of what I am eating. Yet, it is important to keep one eye on what to avoid and the other on what to eat. Getting used to a different set of restrictions this week was hampered my creativity. I know many of the dishes I make regularly could have fit into this week's plan, yet my mind could only think of brown rice.

Cardamom Quinoa Porridge
I really wish I could find teff grains (not the flour) in one of the local grocery stores. I made that into porridge when I had it on hand and it was phenomenal. It has a slight cocoa flavor too, which is a bonus for me as I avoid chocolate. If anyone has seen it in the Twin Cities area, let me know! I might have to break down and order a case online if I don't find it soon.

Black Bean, Avocado, Kale Tacos
Now, I look to the final week of my Spring Detox: Week 3! This week, I add back in eggs and soy. I'm hoping for some seriously good veggie sushi!

Week 2 Food Intake
Fruits, vegetables, lentils, nuts, seeds, oils, herbs, spices, gluten-free grains, legumes

Day 8
Breakfast: Blueberry, avocado, mint smoothie; ginger tea
Lunch: Banana oat pancakes; orange
Supper: Black bean patty with avocado, spinach, salsa, pickled onion; sweet potato chips
Snacks: Banana; granola bar; mixed nuts; brown rice; rooibos tea
Day 9
Breakfast: Cardamom quinoa porridge with almonds and a pear; orange juice; ginger tea
Lunch: Black bean patty with avocado, salsa, pickled onion; spinach salad with almonds and oil and vinegar
Supper: Banana oat pancakes with peanut butter and bananas
Snacks: Dried coconut; granola bar
Kale Quinoa Salad
Day 10
Breakfast: Green monster, orange juice, a banana oat pancake; ginger tea
Lunch:  Kale quinoa salad; orange
Supper: Brown rice with olive oil and salt
Snacks: Banana oat pancake; cherry date oat bar; mixed nuts; dried fruit
Day 11
Breakfast: Green monster; orange juice; ginger tea
Lunch: Lentil stew; kale quinoa salad
Supper: Cardamom quinoa porridge with almonds, dried cherries
Snacks: Cherry date oat bar; applesauce; mixed nuts; dried coconut; strawberry
Green Monster
Day 12
Breakfast: Oats with ginger granola, dried cherries, almond milk; orange juice; ginger tea
Lunch: Lentil stew; kale quinoa salad
Supper: Brown rice; braised celery; dried coconut
Snacks: Dried fruit; mixed nuts; applesauce; cherry date oat bar
Day 13
Breakfast: Oats with ginger granola, raisins, almond milk; ginger tea
Lunch: Quinoa salad with cabbage, carrot, almonds, olive oil, fig balsamic vinegar; applesauce
Supper: Brown rice; black beans; sautéed peppers and onions; guacamole; lettuce
Snacks: Carrot; cherry date oat bar; raisins; dates
Cherry Date Oat Bar
Day 14
Breakfast: Cardamom quinoa porridge with raisins, almonds, cinnamon; ginger tea
Lunch: Brown rice; veggie broth; mango-tahini smoothie
Supper: Corn tortillas with black beans, brown rice, guacamole, jalapeños
Snacks: Dried mangos; apple; banana
Quinoa Salad