Florida Vacation - Day 1

In Minnesota, a vacation to a warm location during March or April is about a common as the snow itself. Usually by March, most Minnesotans are sick of the snow and the cold. I am definitely in that group. While living in a condo with indoor heated parking has significant advantages during the winter, I'm still sick of the process of donning winter boots, arm warmers, scarf, hat, and mittens every time I leave a building. 

Bokeelia, Florida is my tonic for the end of winter blues. 

I'm currently typing this while sitting outside on the dock, feeling the warm sun on my back and listening to the water lap against the land. Tea to my right. Sunscreen to my left. I'm surrounded by happiness. How long can I stay here?!

My husband has family who lives in Bokeelia, which is on Pine Island. We are staying in the Fish House, which is the small house in the picture above. I love this little house. It has two bedrooms and a loft, yet it is smaller than 700 square feet. I love its efficency. I love sitting on the porch and reading. The big house in the back of the photo is where Martin's cousin and his wife live. Next to the Fish House is a shed that also has a couple mattresses in it. Plus Martin's parents have a round house just behind the Fish House that they live in all winter long. This year, a whole host of relatives are joining in the fun and all beds, tents, and corners will be filled with people before the week is up. 

Poppy the pig is always a friendly sight. Usually, by the heat of the day he'll be sleeping in the shade and then a picture is quite impossible. So, I'm glad I snagged this one when I could!

We are slowly easing into the vacation mode. Sleeping in. Taking forever to eat a meal. We drove around to various garage sales looking at other people's stuff for treasures. We didn't find many treasures yet.

Mostly, this trip is about spending time with family. In this photo, my nephew and I are hanging out with a man in a yellow hat. I don't think he is the same one who has a friend named Curious George.

The big project for the week is to get the new sailboat up and running. We put it in the water yesterday and fumbled around to get the mast and boom into place. We have a VHS tape from 1983 titled "How to Sail" that we have started watching. The whole process is crazy and fun. I can't wait to see what happens next.

So far, the weather has been ideal and it feels like a good day to take the pedal kayaks out for a spin. When we were here two years ago, we made a pedal kayak video that still makes me smile every time I watch it.