Eiffel Tower and Musee de Rodin: Paris Edition

This is what I pictured myself doing in Paris as we were planning for our trip! After a long day of walking around, we sat in this park overlooking the Eiffel Tower to have a late lunch. As we were eating, a swarm of birds invited themselves to our picnic. These birds were so aggressive, that one little finch actually tried to steal my sandwich right out of my hand!

Today, the weather was dreary and rainy. Fortunately, it only rained hard once earlier in the day. After that, it only sprinkled off and on, so we were still able to spend most of our day outside.

Today was our last full day in Paris, so I have a lot of random photos to share with you that don't necessarily have a theme. And, it will be a little shorter since we are running late and I don't want to miss our train!

We stood in line to see the Musee d'Orsay for about 20 minutes. When we reached the front of the line and were the next people to go in we suddenly decided we didn't really want to go to this museum and left the line! We are still chuckling about this. 

Minipalais or Minneapolis??? 

Martin hung out with his old pal Winston Churchill for a while at the Grand Palais and Petite Palais.

We did go to Musee de Rodin, which was fantastic. Thank you to everyone who strongly suggested we go. It was well worth it. They had the most beautiful and fragrant roses in the garden.

Rodin is most famous for "The Thinker", which I learned was supposed to represent Dante and was originally called "The Poet". The original was also much smaller than this one.

Martin is trying to ask Rodin some important questions, but he didn't receive an answer...

The whole Rodin museum was filled with so many beautiful pieces, I was overwhelmed by the end. One of my favorite sculptures were these hands. I just love the detail and yet simplicity.

The Gates of Hell are behind the three figures - they also appear at the top of The Gates of Hell.

There were a ton of places to sit and just look at the sculptures. I really liked the spot by the pond.

We are leaving for Macon today and will begin our 4 day self-guided cycling tour of historic sites and wineries. I'm super excited. Plus, today I got an email from the University of MN police saying they think they have my bike, which was stolen the week we left! He's going to hang onto it until we return to the country. I hope it is mine! :)