Conquering Jet Lag - Paris Edition

Bonjour! Martin and I made it safely to Paris yesterday afternoon! After traveling for 12 hours and losing 7 hours in the process, we are still trying to get over our jet lag. So far, everything has been taking us longer to do because we are not used to how to do things here. For example, it took us nearly an hour to purchase train tickets to get into the city from the airport because we didn't have coins or a credit card with a chip in it. But, we finally got our tickets and made it into the city. We are slowly catching on.

While we were walking from the metro to our hotel, Martin decided we should visit Sacre Coeur. So, we climbed all these stairs with all our luggage:

Boy was I excited to reach the top! Until I realized it wasn't the top... So we climbed another, longer set of stairs:

I had to take a break on my way up since I was carrying my luggage. Some nice jogger asked if he could carry my luggage up the rest of the way for me! Since I only had about 10 stairs left, I declined, but what a nice offer! Then, I realized maybe I should have accepted since we weren't at the top yet!

We climbed another two flights of stairs and then I collapsed on the stairs of the city's most famous church.

The view was very beautiful!

We somehow found our hotel last night, despite our lack of directions. Some people say that St. Paul, MN was designed by someone very drunk because of the crazy and nonsensical streets. I would hate to venture a guess as to what the Paris city planners were on. None of the streets are straight. There are no "blocks" and none are numbered or alphabetical. So, we have purchased a new map and are learning how to ask for directions.

My French is quite poor, but we are getting by. I even understood what our hotel front desk person asked me this morning! I was quite impressed with myself.

This is all for now, since we have quite limited internet.