I decided to do something a little different for the post this week. Instead of providing you with a fabulous new recipe, I wanted to share with you the puppy adventure that we had this weekend! 

While at my family's lake cabin in northern Minnesota this weekend, we found two adorable German Shepherd/Mix puppies who were about 3 months old.

They greeted my husband and I the minute we arrived at the cabin. I kept asking "Whose puppies are these?" in between licks and snuggles, but no one knew the answer. At first we assumed that they were a neighbor's and had just wandered over to our cabin. But, after they hung out with us all day long, we had a very bad feeling that they didn't have a home. So sad! 

Eventually, we discovered that they were the last two puppies of a very large litter and had been abandoned both by their mother and by their owner. They had been wandering around the lake for at least a week, surviving on scraps and dead fish.

I gave them a couple good meals of puppy chow and decided that something needed to be done.

I toyed with the idea of taking them home with me and then came to my senses. Living in a one bedroom condo is not ideal for two puppies (try housebreaking using an elevator!) who would soon be large dogs. They needed more space than what I could provide. 

So we packed them up (after my aunt named them Beau and Flo) to bring them to a shelter so that they could find a good home. Unfortunately, not many animal shelters are open on Sundays... fortunately, the Tri-county Animal Shelter in St. Cloud was open!

They both liked to sleep with their tongues out. They are so cute, I can hardly stand it! We were a little worried about having them in the car for nearly 3 hours, but they slept most of the way. Bonus - we had no accidents! 

Toward the end of the ride, Beau was feeling a little more confident and decided he wanted to hang out with us in the front seat.

His sister, Flo, didn't mind at all. She found a comfortable spot and kept on sleeping. 

I am so happy that the Tri-county Animal Shelter was willing and able to take these two adorable puppies! It was so hard leaving them at the shelter, even after only two days of being with the puppies. They just made me smile. Since they are so young, adorable, and smart, I am hoping that they'll be scooped up in no time.

I'm so glad that these puppies had each other during this time. They were clearly best friends, and in my ideal world, someone would want to adopt them both. The ideal person would be someone who is willing to take the time to train them and who has a large enough space for them to get plenty of exercise and exploring into their day. 

I know I'll be watching the animal shelter's website to see when their profiles disappear from the site, knowing that someone has decided they can provide a home to these adorable puppies.

It breaks my heart that the owner was not willing to take the extra step of bringing the puppies to a shelter or advertising more broadly to find a home for them. I'm so sad that they had to scrounge for food and love even for a day. 

Let's hope they get adopted soon!

To see Beau and Flow's profiles, visit the Tri-county Animal Shelter's website.