Creative Capellini

You ever have one of those nights where you don't feel like cooking supper, even though your refrigerator is brimming with delicious fresh vegetables? Well, this was one of those nights for me. As much as I wanted to just turn to a good ol' bowl of cereal and call it a night, I also knew that with an extra CSA box coming this week, I had veggies to eat. Now.

Fortunately, I was able to whip up this delicious pasta dish in 20 minutes. No joke!

And this is the crazy looking vegetable that inspired the whole meal:

Romanesco is related to broccoli and cauliflower and can be used in similar fashions. It tastes a lot like broccoli, with a texture closer to cauliflower and a slightly sweet aftertaste. It is rich in vitamin C and is only around during autumn, so now is the time to eat up!

My husband called romanesco "little alien vegetables from Avatar." Hehe. They do look super weird, then again, so do broccoli and cauliflower if you really look at them!

I love this recipe because it is like a blank slate. I included the vegetables and seasonings that I liked with this, but use what you have.

It is also a no measuring recipe! You control the proportions between the pasta, tomatoes, and romanesco. Then, add the seasonings (olive oil, salt, pepper, and cilantro) in small increments. Taste often and adjust until you love it!

Creative Capellini
As many or as few servings as you want!

Capellini pasta
Grape tomatoes
Olive oil
Thai Ginger sea salt
Fresh cilantro, finely chopped
Freshly ground pepper
Parmesan cheese
Toasted pine nuts

  1. Bring a pot of water to boil. Add the pasta and cook until al dente (about 3-5 minutes). Drain.
  2. While the pasta is cooking, slice the tomatoes into quarters and place in a medium bowl. After draining the pasta, place the pasta in the medium bowl covering the tomatoes. Do not stir; the heat from the pasta will warm and soften the tomatoes just enough.
  3. Separate the romanesco into small florets and wash well to remove any dirt. Steam for about 3 minutes, or until just barely soft. 
  4. Pour some olive oil over the pasta just so each strand is lightly coated. Start with less than you think you'd like and add more in small increments as needed.
  5. Sprinkle generously with the sea salt. Add some freshly ground pepper and cilantro to the pasta bowl. Be sure to add a good amount of cilantro. 
  6. Stir the pasta well, mixing the spices, tomatoes, and olive oil evenly. Taste a noodle and adjust the seasoning.
  7. Stir in the romanesco. Top each serving with freshly grated parmesan cheese and toasted pine nuts.